Chora Connection’s vision is to achieve a sustainable and resilient Denmark.
For that purpose, in 2014 the organization received funding from the VELUX Foundation and VILLUM foundation.

Chora Connection is a non-profit organization established in 2015 with the vision to achieve sustainable and resilient societies. 

Chora Connection’s mission is to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals before 2030.

The goal is to do this by helping organizations, municipalities and institutions adapting to the sustainability agenda and driving concrete behavioral change towards a sustainable society in Denmark as well as abroad and to challenge the way we think, live, consume and produce.

Chora will achieve its mission by:

  • Creating interdisciplinary and innovative partnerships across sectors, disciplines and organizations.
  • Facilitating development and action-orientated processes for organizations, companies, and institutions, based on expertise, tested methods and tools combined with a unique sustainability approach
  • Developing new experimental prototypes within the framework of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Read more about our initiatives and services here.

Read more about the 17 UN Global Goals and how they are relevant in Denmark here.


Chora Connection is established as a business foundation, supported by the VELUX FOUNDATIONS and lead by a secretariat and a board. The organization is politically and economically independent.


Chora is greek for

“The Earth, which gives us a home.”

Connection points to our partnership focus

Target groups

Chora Connection’s primary target groups are organizations, municipalities, public, educational and civic institutions as well as NGO’s working across the public, private and civil sector.
We facilitate processes for all organizations who are either interested in the opportunities of working strategically with sustainability, resilience and the 17 UN sustainable development goals or facing significant and complex strategic challenges relating to sustainable development.

Our experimental prototypes address challenges and complex problems relating to the UN 17 sustainable development goals.

We engage in partnerships with other organizations, institutions or companies who are working with sustainability, resilience and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The ideas behind

Chora Connection’s set of statutes and vision statement are to contribute to a long-term sustainable and resilient society by:

  • Influencing individuals’ and institutions’ behavior through conceiving, developing, materializing and monitoring hands-on projects
  • Acting as a catalyst for the development and promulgation of hands-on projects
  • Building on a holistic approach and being recognized for its high standards and capabilities, while refraining from undertaking traditional academic research
  • Facilitating the dialogue between researchers, experts, decision-makers and practitioners with the objective of promoting concrete action
  • Pursuing a global vision, while acting primarily in Denmark.

Read our statutes here.

Chora Connection undertook a strategic shift in mid-2016 as a direct response to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, launched by the UN in 2015. Thus, from 2016 onwards, all projects have been developed to respond to one or several “SDG goals” – while still staying aligned with the fundamental principles and aims of Chora Connection.

Chora Connection has created a platform, which differentiates itself from other actors within the crowded realm of sustainability and resilience. The difference and positioning are based on Chora Connection’s methodological approach and a consequent pursuit of dialogue and bridge building.

Activities are characterized by the equilibrium between the practical and theoretical, physical and metaphysical components.


Karen Blincoe
Charlotte Riberholdt
Head of Secretariat
Asbjørn Riis-Søndergaard
Head of Communications
Maria Hørmann
Project Manager
Helene Bjerre Nielsen
Cathrine Sort
Project Manager
Kristine Fjord Tolborg
Educational Consultant
Siri Daa Funder
Ethnologist and project developer


Niels Elers Koch
Chairman of the board
Birgitte Escherich
Board member
Michael Hauschild
Board member
Ole Fogh Kirkeby
Board member
Camilla Bjerre Scheffel
Board member
Claus Skytte
Board member
Steen Hildebrandt
Vice Chairman
Claus Stig Pedersen
Board member


We are always open for any inquiries regarding our field of expertise.
Please use the following contact details:

Press enquiries
Asbjørn Riis-Søndergaard
+45 53854684

General enquiries
Charlotte Winther

Corporate enquiries
Karen Blincoe




The Chora Connection secretariat is supported by The VELUX foundations in a 5-year period running from primo 2015 until ultimo 2019. Chora Connection has also recieved project funds from Statens Kunstfond, Udlændingestyrelsen and Alliance Graphique International.


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