AMB17ION workcamps

Chora Connection offers a wide variety of services within facilitation of events, seminars, workshops and workcamps.
The AMB17ION-work camp is a full day event focusing on creative and organisational development and problem solving.
Read more about the AMB17ION-work camp here.
Besides the Q5 workshops & seminars Chora Connection organizes AMB17ION workcamps – holistic and result-oriented full-day events, focusing on creative ideas’ development and co-creation in spectacular surroundings.

A workcamp engages thought leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, pioneers and change-agents in thought-provoking and innovative discussions within inspiring setups or stagesets. The work camp is designed to create the right frame for the development, co-creation and exploration of societal change or future scenarios in a sustainability context.

AMB17ION workcamps offer participants and organizations an alternative route to change and development, enabling in-depth organizational analysis and complex problem solving.

Read about an example here.

If you are interested in booking an AMB17ION workcamp, please contact or any of our projectleaders here.


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