Sustainable Communities

The second entry in the Fifth Quadrant event series was all about sustainable communities. With the subtitle of ‘tales from the field’, the event explored how we can learn to live more sustainably.
The day took a turn, since the original event host, Ditlev Nissen, unfortunately had to cancel. Fortunately, Johan Tino Frederiksen was able to step in on short notice. Johan joined Andreas Wolf to give presentations meant to inspire the following conversations.

Andreas related the tale of his upbringing in a forest in Germany, a long way from cities and pollution. His educational background is in engineering and he also holds a Masters in Sustainable Cities from Aalborg University. He is a part of Studio Debris, a collective that works with life in the city and how it comes to be, as well as recycling. He also a part of The Lighthouse co-creators as well as The Borderland, a Danish version of Burning Man, and is one of the initiators of Silent Disco.

Johan is co-founder and daily manager at Tinkuy, programmer at LemonGold and Caretaker for New Circle Movement. Since 2000, Johan has been passionate about the co-creation of outer and inner technologies, that contributes to facilitating the paradigm shift from a culture dictated togetherness to a culture creating togetherness. Johan is one of the Danish pioneers within the field of community based economies.

In the conversation salon afterwards, the participants had time to digest the presentations and use them to discusses three questions with three different conversation partners:

  • What have you had of life changing experiences (one or two) and what have they meant for your life choices and the communities you have engaged with?
  • Where or when do you feel connected to a meaningful community (for example: with yourself, nature, others)?
  • Where or how can communities meet your (deeper) desires?

We look forward to the next séance on August 24th: Personal achievements for a more inclusive, open and trusting world. Making the world a better place – balancing inner needs and life’s realities. With Kristina Paltén and Jon Bertelsen.

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