The Road to a Sustainable Life

The first entry in the event series, “The Fifth Quadrant”, put the spotlight on sustainable lifestyle and how to find the courage to reorganize your life in a more sustainable direction. View photos from the day, below.
How do I find the courage to transform my life and living? Sustainability as lifestyle and philosophy. By Erik Nielsen and Elise Brøchner

To introduce The Fifth Quadrant, the new event series from Chora Connection, Erik Nielsen from Biosa Danmark and former president of Coop, Elise Brøchner each gave a presentation on their personal approach to sustainable transition.

The event began with participants being welcomed by Karen Blincoe, director of Chora Connection and Charlotte Winther, head of secretariat for Chora Connection, followed by the presentation from Elise.

For both Erik and Elise the personal story of transformation was in focus – the significant turning points responsible for a change in mindset, habits and behavior towards sustainability.

In the following conversation salon, the participants had time to digest the presentations and use them to discuss three different questions with three different people:

  • How do you prevent yourself from living your visions or dreams?
  • When do you listen to your intuition – and how to you act on it?
  • How can you support yourself in finding the courage to realize your visions and dreams?

The next Fifth Quadrant event takes place on June 8th, with presenters Ditlev Nissen and Andreas Wolf:

Sustainable Communities – Tales from the Field. How do we learn to live more sustainable?

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