Foundation Dinner with Nordic Vegetarian Food

April 4th 2017: Chora Connecton and Birgitte Escherich hosted a dinner for representatives from European environmental foundations.
Representatives from a number of European environmental foundations were gathered in Copenhagen on April 4-5th, for a spring meeting with the theme of “Better Together”, arranged by the Velux Foundations and the European Environment Agency. Here the representatives had the opportunity to hear how the Danish and Nordic foundations work to support environmental and societal development, and to share interesting cases across country lines.

Besides networking, developing new avenues for cooperation and finding inspiration, the foundation representatives also had the chance to experience Copenhagen as a sustainable and climate-friendly city.

In the evening on April 4th, the representatives gathered for dinner at the offices of Chora Connection, Sortedam Dosseringen 3D. The dinner was prepared in collaboration with food ideologist Birgitte Escherich and the theme was culinary, organic and vegetarian food, made from local produce in season, and with plenty of love.

Working head of Chora Connection’s board of directors, Karen Blincoe, welcomed the guests and gave a presentation about the work that Chora performs with foundation support, such as creating sustainable and resilient transition in Denmark, with the Sustainable Development Goals as a basis.

Birgitte Escherich introduced the guests to the menu, created to be a demonstration of how the sustainable kitchen can taste.

View the pictures from a night of networking, conversations and vegetarian food, on the right side.

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