Project manager David Goehring leaves Chora Connection

David Goehring is leaving Chora Connection per. 1/6 his work as a project manager at Chora Connection after 2.5 years of project employment
David, who is an architect, has been responsible for developing prototypes in construction and has been a strong driving force behind GO2WOOD. For David’s final initiative, Chora Connection has published the book “GO2WOOD Compendium”, which gathers knowledge and results from efforts to promote sustainable wood in the Danish construction and the entire wood value chain.

David is a competent and experienced project manager and has been a wonderful colleague who has done a great deal of Chora Connection. David now returns to the practice of architecture at Tegnesteun David Goehring, specialising in innovative housing with bio-regional materials. We wish David every success and happiness in the future.

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