UN 17 SDG’s

September 27th 2015, the UN adopted 17 Global Goals for the sustainable development of the world towards 2030.
The Global Goals are made of 17 specific goals and 169 milestones, that obliges all of UN’s 193 member states to abolish poverty and global hunger, reduce inequality, ensure good education and better health for all, as well as securing decent jobs and a more sustainable, financial growth. The Global Goals also focus on promoting peace and security, creating strong institutions as well as strengthening international partnerships. Thus, the goals make up a new international agenda which recognizes, that social, financial and environmental development, and thereby peace and security, presupposes that the world’s countries commit to a shared leadership when striving to obtain lasting development results.

The new Global Goals for sustainable development are consequently also Denmark’s goals. Denmark needs to take action and report on our own national effort, as well as account for our contribution to the sustainable transition.

With AMB17ION Chora Connection is focusing on the 17 sustainable development goals in a Danish context.

Chora Connection perceives the sustainable development goals as an opportunity to, collectively, and across people and borders, to accelerate sustainable development.

With the 17 Global Goals we have a framework that provide a shared responsibility to take part in the sustainable transition. The 17 Global Goals concerns all of us – including you and me.

The 17 sustainable development goals are as follows:

Goal 1: Abolish all kinds of poverty in the world.

Goal 2: End hunger and provide all with an opportunity for nutritious food. Strengthen sustainable agriculture.

Goal 3: Create security for healthy lives and strengthen welfare for everyone.

Goal 4: Provide all people with inclusive quality education and the possibility of life-long learning.

Goal 5: Obtain equal rights and strengthen all women and girls.

Goal 6: Provide all people with sustainable access to water and sanitation.

Goal 7: Provide all people with sustainable access to reliable and modern energy that is affordable.

Goal 8: Promote continuous, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, with decent jobs for all.

Goal 9: Build robust infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and create innovation.

Goal 10: Reduce inequality in and between countries.

Goal 11: Make cities and buildings inclusive, safe, robust and sustainable.

Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption- and production patterns.

Goal 13: Act at once and do what it takes to fight climate changes and their consequences.

Goal 14: Protect oceans, seas and marine resources and use them for sustainable development.

Goal 15: Protect, restore and strengthen sustainable use of ecosystems on land. Manage forests sustainably, fight desertification and stop destruction of tree land and loss of biodiversity.

Goal 16: Strengthen peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all, and build effective, responsible and inclusive institutions at all levels.

Goal 17: Strengthen the means for implementation and give new life to global partnerships for sustainable development.

Read more on the UN sustainable development goals here: UN.

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