The Go2wood Book is Here!

New book collects the newest knowledge about sustainable architecture and wood construction. The book is not meant solely for architects, engineers and the wood and construction businesses, but is also for regular people with an interest in wood construction.
In a new publication, Chora Connection collects all the experiences gained from the GO2WOOD prototype, which has focused on sustainable construction in Denmark over the last two years.

GO2WOOD had success with gathering the construction and wood industries for a common conference about wood as the building material of the future. The result of the conference was a manifesto, which can be read here.

The new publication – GO2WOOD COMPENDIUM – contains articles from a number of chosen experts, architects and specialists, and gathers the newest knowledge around wood construction, for the benefit of anybody with an interest in sustainable construction and architecture.

The cost of the book is 250 dkk. (incl. VAT and delivery). You can get a copy by contacting .

On June 1., Chora connection held a publication reception at Sortedam Dosseringen 3D, Nørrebro, where several of the book’s authors gave short presentations. Pictures from the event can be viewed in the column on the right.

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