The RCE Guide

Chora Connection and RCE-Denmark have collaborated to produce a guide to Danish higher educations that engage with sustainability.
The RCE student guide to higher education where sustainability plays a part, can be downloaded from this site (the guide is in Danish).

It is the first guide to describe the 161 sustainability-relevant educations that are offered by Denmark’s eight universities, eight university colleges, nine business academies and three Fine Art and architecture institutions. The guide is created in collaboration between RCE and Chora Connection.

In the guide, you will find information on degrees that have courses related to sustainability, as well as a website and contact information for the degree. The guide is relevant for:

  • New students searching for higher education degrees
  • Students looking for extra courses to engage with sustainability in a wide sense
  • Bachelor students looking for a Master’s degree
  • Students looking specifically for an education dedicated to sustainability
  • Politicians and everyone with an interest in sustainability and education
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