Art, Leadership and The Global Goals

Chora Connection was at Folkemødet 2017 on Bornholm presenting initiatives to spotlight the 17 SDGs and how to make Danish society more sustainable and resilient.
At Folkemødet 2017, Chora Connection hosted two events and presented the 17 SDG posters, which were exhibited all days during Folkemødet

Below you can read more about our events and view images from this year’s Folkemøde at Bornholm.

Thursday: Spotlight on art, posters and the SDGs

On Thursday 6/15 from 17.00-18.00, Chora hosted a panel discussion in collaboration with the UN City, called: The Sustainable Development Goals – Can Art Play a Role?

The participating panelists were:

Christian Friis Bach (Former UN Undersecretary), Karen Blincoe (Director of Chora Connection), Anders Morgenthaler (cartoonist and author), Tine Fischer (Director of CPH:DOX) and Vivian Nielsen (dramatist).

Verner Kristiansen hosted the debate.


The five panelists debated whether art can contribute to creating sustainable development.

Below is the introduction to the debate:

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are global objectives for our sustainable future, which asks much of the entire world and thereby also us in the western world. We can no longer extend the past automatically. We must find new solutions and act. Now. But how do we recognize that we must change and re-think our behavior? When experiencing art we can sense what we cannot immediately understand, and through encounters and visual narratives we can create movements that can lead to radical change. That is why the SDGs needs the arts, but will the artists use the SDGs?

The panel had many constructive views on how art can and cannot contribute to public education and sustainable transition. Everyone agreed that there is a common responsibility for both artists, politicians and people in general, to protect earth’s environment and build a sustainable society. This autumn, Chora Connection continues the debate at an even focused on art and the SDG’s. See to keep up to date.

After the panel debate Chora Connection held a vernissage of 17FOR17 – 17 SDG Posters. Here Folkemøde participants could see the posters, here the story behind them, and enjoy a cold drink.

Friday: focus on sustainable leadership and the SDG’s

On Friday 6/16 from 14.30-15.30, Chora Connection hosted the debate panel “Sustainable Leadership 2030”, in collaboration with the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (Akademikerne).

The members of the panel were:

Søren Hermansen (Director of EnergiAkademiet Samsø), Lars Lundbye (Futurist and innovation evangelist), Roxana Kia (Expert and researcher in leadership development and high-performance) and Lars Quistgaard (Director of Akademikerne).

The panel was moderated by Karen Blincoe (Director and co-founder of Chora Connection).

The panel represented different sectors and leadership challenges and presented varied views on what it will take for us as people, employees and organizations to contribute towards achieving the 17 SDG’s before 2030.

The panel discussed questions such as: how do you get the individual person to feel responsibility? How can an organization integrate the SDG agenda in the business strategy? And more.

We will return to this debate with a more comprehensive seminar on sustainable leadership, which Chora Connection is currently developing.

MY17 – The global development goals are also your goals

Chora Connection has just launched a new prototype meant to challenge people’s mindset in relation to the SDG’s. MY17 will be developed during the next few months. At Folkemødet we revealed MY17 via a vox-pop that quizzed Danes on their climate sins. The result can be seen in the video to the right.

You can read more about MY17 here.

In addition to the above, several of Chora Connection’s board members participated in various debates that touched on topics such as: sustainability, circular economy, the SDG’s and more.

We are thankful for a great Folkemøde where we left inspired by debates and interesting inputs, and where we could contribute to raising awareness around the SDG’s and the personal and societal responsibility for achieving the SDG’s before 2030.

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