New Director, Board of Directors and Business Plan

On the first of May, Karen Blincoe was appointed managing director for Chora Connection. Karen has accepted the position by invitation of Chora Connection’s board of directors.

The new plan for Chora Connection is to work with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which Chora started doing in 2016. It has now become the official focus.p>

As an extension to this, Chora will establish a hub in Aarhus on June 1st, under management of Jonas Kroustrup, who is leaving his position in Vejle municipality as Chief Resilience Officer.

The focus of the Chora Connection Aarhus hub will be resilience as well as promoting the 17 SDGs.

Other adjustments in the organization includes the departure of architect David Goehring, who has been working on developing the GO2WOOD prototype.

David has been working at Chora Connection since the beginning – January 1st 2015 – where he and the former director and administrator started the work of Chora Connection, from offices at the Carlsberg buildings.

David will continue to be closely connected to Chora Connection, but from June 1st he has established his own consultancy to work directly with the use of wood in architecture.

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