New Upcycling Center in Seoul

Chora Connection was involved in the opening of the SEOUL UPCYCLING CENTER in Korea, where director Karen Blincoe gave the keynote and took part in a co-creation meetup. The next step is a new international network, promoting upcycling and circular design.
Chora Connection was in Seoul in September to give the keynote to opening of Korea’s new Upcycling Center.

The ambitious “wastehouse” is supposed to become a creative laboratory for innovative design, made from recyclable waste. The Upcycling Plaza is also determined to experiment with social, cultural upcycling.
The center will also be an educational platform for research and dissemination of knowledge relating to circular economy and production.

Director at Chora Connection Karen Blincoe gave the keynote to the opening conference focusing on Chora Connection and danish design experience in the field of upcycling.

Afterwards she took part in a networking meet-up with different stakeholders from asian design industry, that resulted in a new international network organisation, promoting Upcycling and Circular Design.

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Pictures from the opening of SEOUL UPCYCLING CENTER (September 2017)

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