Chora Connection is a neutral platform that initiates and facilitates innovative partnerships for change locally, nationally and globally.  Chora Connection is engaging in many partnerships with municipalities, public and private organizations and institutions.

The purpose of initiating new partnerships is to co-create pilot-projects, events, prototypes and related activities promoting sustainability, resilience and the UN 17 global goals.

Developing partnerships is a core activity in Chora Connection serving the purpose of UN SDG 17: “Partnerships for the goals”.

While the importance of partnerships cannot be underestimated, it also poses a universal challenge, as the success of creating a shared understanding across multi-stakeholder interests cannot be taken for granted.

Chora Connection’s approach is to create a space for common understanding, mutual respect as well as innovative problem solving and co-creation. This is achieved through the meeting point of different mandates and contradicting points of departure.

Chora Connection’s expertise is to design, facilitate and capture the outcomes of multi-stakeholder processes, to transform new insights into working prototypes and pilot projects.

Our project leaders or
+45 53884684

  • Dutch ambassador (left), chairman at Chora Connection, director at Chora Connection and partner in 17FOR17

  • Participants and partners at the AMB17ION workcamp in 2016

Examples of past and current partners
We are a neutral platform that creates innovative partnerships for change locally, nationally and globally
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We facilitate innovative co-creation processes, using a series of tested tools and methods to solve complex problems
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We are developing experimental prototypes that test different models and products for sustainable solutions
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