New sustainable initiative: Kaffe Konkret

Estimates show that humans consume 1600 millions cups of coffee every day worldwide. What do we do with all the waste created by this vast production? Could we use coffee grounds to something more intelligent than waste?

This question is the fulcrum for the Copenhagen based initiative KAFFE KONKRET, that emphasizes the possibility of applying coffee grounds to grow mushrooms for the food industry.

The association KAFFE KONKRET will have its founding meeting on the 28th of August at 19.00 in the Dome Of Visions at Søren Kierkegaards Plads in Copenhagen. Everyone with an interest is welcome.

What: Founding meeting of the association KAFFE KONKRET
Where: Dome of Visions, Søren Kierkegaard Plads
Who: Everyone with an interest
When: 28th of August 2015 at 7 pm

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Warm-up: Event about Blue Economy – the 20th of August 2015 from 16-18 at HR7 (Wesselsgade 24) including free catering.

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Efficient use of ressources is central in the blue or circular economy and helps to create more sustainable business solutions.
CHORA CONNECTION highlights innovative pioneers from the blue economy that are developing sustainable ideas to challenge existing flaws in the production circuits of the current economy.


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