Meeting the 17 UN SDG's before 2030
AMB17ION is a platform for the development of new prototypes that turns the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals into Danish reality.
Chora Connection initiated AMB17ION in 2016 with the purpose of demonstrating how societal challenges can be solved more sustainably, in regards to both social, economic and environmental factors. To that end, Chora regularly gathers practitioners and pioneers, artists and scientists, spontaneous and formal change agents from inside and outside Danish borders, to participate in workshops and camps to develop and enable new actions and ideas. In the autumn of 2016, AMB17ION facilitated six seminars and one large workshop to engage 169 participants from all levels of society.

The purpose of AMB17ION is to initiate tangible actions and initiatives to support the sustainable development of the Danish society. The new prototypes are developed in close cooperation with actors from a diverse range of sectors and industries, with the purpose of solving tangible societal issues.

The AMB17ION workshop took place on December 1., 2016 at Teaterøen in Copenhagen. Here 100 participants spent 12 hours creating new and visionary ideas for sustainable futures in a unique setting created by scenographer Dorte Holbek and food artist Mette Martinussen. The work resulted in a Catalogue of Ideas representing tangible actions that can improve Danish society and kick-start a sustainable transition inspired by the 17 global goals, both locally and globally. You can see the entire Catalogue of Ideas here. In preparation for AMB17ION, Chora Connection hosted six seminars, of which more can be read about here. More info on the background of the workshop can be found here. Read an article from the workshop and see all the pictures here.

An AMB17ION video and pictures can also be viewed in the column to the right.

Chora Connection will act on selected ideas throughout 2017. All the generated ideas are available freely and can be accessed here (in Danish).

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Mette Hvid Brockmann

Maria Hørmann




See the full list of participants from the seminars here.



Read the results from the AMB17ION work forum:
AMB17ION Idékatalog


Video from AMB17ION work forum:


Pictures from the AMB17ION work forum:

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