Back to the Land

New sustainable relations between cities and rural areas
A network platform for pioneers transforming local communities and creating new relations between cities and local communities in rural areas.
What: ‘Back to the Land’ is a prototype of a network of pioneers generating new relations and platforms between cities and rural areas.

Who: The prototype targets social entrepreneurs, municipality, local communities, independent change agents, associations, cooperations, scientists and other professionals and civic persons with interest in the relations between cities and rural areas.

Role: Chora Connection initiated and facilitated the network during spring 2016, by hosting several workshops and meetings with pioneers from different sectors and different areas of Denmark, in a partnership with John Thackara. The goal was to support and strengthen local initiatives by sharing experience, knowledge and strategic advice between the actors.

Status: The prototype formed the basis of a new national pioneer network inspired by best case practices from local communities across Denmark. The prototype is complete, and no further activities are currently planned.

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See a video of a best case practice used in the workshops: 


Pictures from the Back To The Land workshops: