Our Global Goals

Local solutions to global problems
Our Global Goals is the title of a new prototype, that develops initiatives for local sustainable change and transformation.
What: ‘Our Global Goals’ is a prototype looking to strengthen local communities within the framework of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

How: By unfolding the potential of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals agenda, as a way of gathering local communities, promote civic engagement and create a platform for dialogue and local change. The collaboration demonstrates how unique and multifarious local communities can contribute to the creation of sustainable societies through local initiatives.

The essence of the methodology and course of action is that local actors are the owners and driving force behind the initiatives.

All new sustainable initiatives resulting from the prototype is anchored in the bio-cultural character of the local community, the specific potential, the local fireballs and in existing initiatives, to create a coherent and organic prototype.

Role: Chora Connection facilitates the process, creates the framework and supports idea development, while local actors produce content and visions.

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Maria Hørmann
+45 26236529


Pictures from Møn and Vojens:



Our Global Goals was initiated during autumn 2017 and is now working with two main focus areas: Camønoen at Møn, Nyord and Bogø and “Foreningen Ringgaard Hjælper dig’ in Vojens.

Both partnerships will be developed during spring 2018.