Integrating the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals in Danish schools
A partnership between Randersgade Skole, Rysensteens Gymnasium and Chora Connection is developing a new prototype aiming to integrate the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals in the Danish educational system.
What: A new prototype of a certification tool supporting Danish schools in implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals is currently under development.

Here is an updated version of the project description (only in Danish): Verdensmålscertificering

How: A partnership between Randersgade Skole, Rysensteens Gymnasium, and Chora Connection has initiated a working group developing the prototype.

Role: Chora Connection is facilitating the development of the prototype.

During the last quarter of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018 Chora Connection, Randersgade Skole and Rystensteens Gymnasium have invited stakeholders, and experts from the educational system to three different workshops to develop the prototype.

A press release “Verdensmålene på skolebænken” was published in January. Read it here.

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Cathrine Sort
Project leader, Chora Connection
+45 20672002

Kristine Fjord Tolborg
Educational Consultant, Chora Connection
+45 30114703



Workshop 1:


Workshop 2:


Workshop 3:


Invitation til informationsmøde om verdensmålscertificeringen: Infomøde