Social shelters for the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals
A new prototype aims to create awareness of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals while creating a unique and inspiring social space for local citizens, visitors and hikers at Camønoen.

What: The SDG Shelters is a new prototype originating from Our Global Goals – an initiative developed to address local solutions to global problems. Central in the prototype is four architecturally unique shelters that will be developed and set up to create awareness of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals on a global, local and individual level, while also offering an inspiring space for social, leisure, immersive and educational oriented activities in a natural and local environment.

How: The shelters will be four very different innovative small wooden facilities constructed in a sustainable, aesthetic and functional way, and suited for the outdoor environment. All shelters will have its own local touch and will be developed in close collaboration with local initiators and organizations whose local insight is key to the unique design of the shelters. The shelters will be located on ‘Camønoen’ along the coastline of Southeast.

Who: The prototype is created in a partnership between the municipality of Vordingborg, Camønoen, Museum of Southeast Denmark, Verdens Bedste Nyheder, KADK and Chora Connection – and in further collaboration with local pioneers, organizations, and volunteers.

KADK is a central partner in the project. With the Master’s Program Settlement, Ecology, and Tectonics KADK has an strategic ambition to pair the Global Goals with relevant local initiatives. During 2018 22 graduate students will be doing research on the potential of the SDG shelter project, while creating a catalog of possible designs.

Role: Chora Connection is facilitating the initiation of the prototype, while building partnerships, supervising design and construction and leading communication planning and program development.

Status: The prototype is currently in development and is looking for funding. Further information will be announced during spring 2018.

Picture from www.camø