Chora Connection develops experimental prototypes that tests different models and products for sustainable solutions before being scaled, implemented or used as evidence. All Chora Connection prototypes are addressing and challenging specific problems relating to the UN 17 sustainable development goals.

The third trail builds upon the goal to experiment and prototype new approaches and new models for SDG engagement and for grass-root and hands-on measures to address imminent needs.

Some of these operate on a micro-level and in environments, which are early enough in their developments for a certain degree of risk of failure to be acceptable, but where – on the other hand – the potential for true innovation and scalable prototypes is high.

Chora Connection has initiated the following prototypes in partnerships with other organizations.

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  • Our Global Goals – Local solutions to global problems

  • Verdensskoler – Integrating the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals in danish schools

  • SDG Municipal Platform – A prototype of a platform for municipal development

  • SDG Shelters – Social shelters for the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals

We are a neutral platform that creates innovative partnerships for change locally, nationally and globally
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We facilitate innovative co-creation processes, using a series of tested tools and methods to solve complex problems
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We are developing experimental prototypes that test different models and products for sustainable solutions
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