Q5 Workshops & Seminars

A unique facilitation method designed to create a functional and inspirational co-creation lab enabling creative and strategic ideas’ development, problem solving and teambuilding. The Q5 methodology has the ability to synthesize different kinds of information in order to make sense of a situation, a culture or a challenge.
The method

The Q5 method has been tried and tested by consulting a wide range of experts and experimenting with different models and cases. The ambition has been to find the right format, to challenge the way a normal workshop or seminar is run to address the specific needs of organizations who are interested in working with sustainability and resilience.

The result is enabling the generation of unique, long-term solutions to meet the goals by 2030.

The inclusive and ideas’ generating Q5 workshop is a central part of Chora Connection’s work.
Q5 embraces a set of specific principles used to decipher problems, challenge mindsets and initiate co-creation across disciplines, organizations and positions.

The process allows for a multi-facetted dialogue between individuals with different and even contradictory points of view and departure. It invites the participants to challenge their scope of reference. At the same time, it combines different perspectives – the individual and the collective, the bottom-up and top-down. The process is based on principles of diversity, equality and respect and allows for intimacy in the circular configuration of the participating group regardless of the nature of each individual contribution. The result is always action- and result-oriented.

It can:

  • Unveil hidden potentials in individuals as well as in organizational structures
  • Be an invaluable source of inspiration and sense-making
  • Solve and find a way through complex problems

The principles are:

  • All participants are equal and all contributions matter
  • Cross sectorial professionalism is a synthesis between different, strong disciplines
  • No single person alone has the final answer or the right solutions
  • To find new ways, one has to give space for insecurity

The Q5 workshop consists of:

  • Development of theme and key focus areas
  • Recruitment of diverse group of participants
  • Selection of reflective questions
  • Input session with equal contributions
  • Elaborative discussion or prototyping
  • Summarizing report for all participants
  • Next steps for further development

All problems are set within the framework of the UN 17 sustainable development goals, and Q5 only targets organizations interested in working with the goals.

How can your organization benefit from a Q5 workshop?

All organizations with a need or an ambition to become more sustainable and engage with the UN 17 sustainable development goals can benefit from participating in a Q5 seminar or workshop.

We customize each session to suit your specific needs, level of sustainability awareness and organizational challenges.

In 2017 Chora Connection organized 10 Q5 workshops with 25 lectures, 139 unique participants, developed 29 solutions to specific key problems, resulting in many new initiatives.

Previous Q5 sessions.

Contact info@choraconnection.dk for further information or to book a session or call any of our project leaders here.

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