How Denmark can have more sustainable building

NEWS – Transport- and minister of building Hans Christian Schmidt has recently recieved a letter from Chora Connection with recommendations on how Denmark can reduce the emission of damaging carbon dioxides by using sustainable tree in the building industry.
The recommendations was developed during the roundtable discussion Chora Connection hosted in October, where 20 key actors from forestry, tree production and the building industry was invited to discuss sustainable building.

Denmark can reduce the emission of carbon dioxides simply by using tree as material in building.
Chora Connection has presented two recommendations to the minister of transportation and building, that will help promoting the use of tree in building.

Mads Randbøll Wolff, director in Chora Connection says:
“It is promising to see that the minister is open towards removing barriers, that prevent Denmark from building in tree. It is delightful that we have a minister that is open towards the potential of securing a sustainable development, simply by using tree as a building material. The transportation and the Building and Property Agency is doing a research analysis, that looks into the potential and the barriers of using tree in the building industry. We look forward to see the results of the analysis in december, but also urge the minister to take quick action. That is why we have presented these two recommendations”

During october Chora Connection invited 20 key actors from the tree- and building industry to find solutions on how to promote the use of tree in the building industry. On the basis of this Chora Connection recommends the following:

The current regulation on building has to imply a limit of how much new buildings can affect the environment with regards to emission of carbons. This has to be based on lifecycle assessment or corresponding documentation. This will make it clear, how the use of tree in building can contribute to reducing carbon emissions in Denmark. Tree is the only building material, that absorbs and stores C02, while huge amount of C02 is deduced during the production of for instance steel and concrete.


konferencebillede dansk tekst

In 15 years
– Turning the UN global goals into danish reality

The world leaders endorsed 17 goals for a more sustainable world in 2030.
This includes among other things goals for action against climate change and the promotion of sustainable forestry.
Chora Connection works to secure, that the UN global goals becomes danish reality, so that Denmark can become a sustainable and resilient society.

In february 2016 will Chora Connection host a conference with 150-200 participants, that will present new solutions on how the UN global goals can become reality in Denmark.

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