Spotlight on Soil Fertility

A workshop on the future of sustainable farming, with the purpose of exploring viable solutions to increasing the fertility of Danish soil.
On 5/16, Almende ApS, Biodynamic Association and Chora Connection gathered for a workshop on how to advance biodynamic farming techniques, soil fertility and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN.

The purpose of the day was to present and discuss a new prototype project, created to give more people access to the positive aspects of biodynamic cultivation methods, and to improve soil quality and fertility as part of this.

The workshop also went deep on the relevance of the SDGs, the possibility of method development, education and consultancy, and considered what partnerships can strengthen the dissemination of the positive effects.

The workshop participants were introduced to the SDGs and their topicality in a Danish context, the biodynamic method as well as current challenges and the outline of the new prototype project.

All participants were also given the option to contribute to and influence the outcome of the day.

In 2016 there were 45 biodynamic farms in Denmark. The area that is cultivated with the biodynamic method has risen with 70% from 2010 to 2016, and the sales of certified biodynamic products have increased by about 55% over the same period.

The interest in biodynamic farming and biodynamic products continues to be noticeably on the rise in Denmark. For example, chefs and foodies express a lot of interest in the qualities that biodynamic produce and wine offers.

The biodynamic methods can contribute to realizing important SDGs like no. 1 and 3 (poverty and health), no. 8 (decent work and economic growth), no. 11 (sustainable cities and communities), no. 13 (climate action) and no. 15 (life on land).

View pictures from the day in the right column.

The results of the day will be published later.


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