17FOR17 Exhibited in New York

The poster project 17FOR17 has been touring Denmark with different exhibitions. Beginning of July they were exhibited for the first time out of Denmark, at the UN headquarters in New York, in connection with the High Level political forum on sustainable development.
On the 10/7 of July Chora Connection co-hosted a reception for the opening of the exhibition.

At the reception, the Danish Ambassador spoke about Chora Connection and the project, highlighting 17FOR17’s success in Denmark thus far as well as the upcoming exhibitions in France and the Netherlands. He also commented on Denmark’s commitment to the SDG’s and the international communities commitment despite the USA leaving the Paris Agreement. The showing of the posters was the same week as the High-level political forum on sustainable development, so the Ambassador commented on that as well.

The President of the General Assembly also stopped by the reception and gave a short speech following the Ambassador. He reinforced praise for the posters and the message of the project overall, and highlighted Denmark’s continued creativity in pursuing a more sustainable world. He also commented on the history of poster art as an effective medium to communicate political ideas, and highlighted some of the posters that struck him personally.

As the speeches were rather short, about 20 minutes in total between the introduction of the project, the Ambassador, and the President of the General Assembly, the event was mostly mingling. There were lovely hors d’oeuvres, wine, and treats advertising the Danish Mission’s campaign to join UN HRC.

The posters were very beautifully displayed and it gave everyone a chance to take their time to admire the artwork.

Read more about 17FOR17 here. 

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