Walk-our-talk: The office

In this series of articles we wish to showcase who we are and what we do at Chora Connection. Our starting points will be our daily work, the local community and the decisions we make in the organisation. The basis of this first article is our office.
Chora Connection is dedicated to living by the principles we promote and on which we base our work.

Therefore, our office is an experiment in sustainable office management, and is designed and produced in collaboration with noted architect firm Lendager Architects.

Our focus was up-cycling and take-back, so that the interior and the elements of the office can be recycled and used in different ways. This also meant that we have been able to move the office modules around as our needs and the organization has changed.

The office is located at Sortedam Dossering 3D, close to Dronning Louises Bro, in the center of copenhagen. It takes 7 minutes to walk to the nearest metro and train station. The lakes are right outside our door, so it is always possible to go for a walk and get some fresh air.

The floor of the office is made from FSC certified wood in light ash. It took some time to get in place, but excellently reflects the natural light from our windows, and it was produced with regards to social, economic and environmental conditions.

All our work desks are hight-adjustable and made from old windmill wings. Our large bookcase is held together by cork stoppers and string.

Our chairs are reused from a previous office and has ergonomic settings.

The walls are adorned with the Chora Connection SDG posters, which were developed in collaboration with 17 Danish designers. The office has previously exhibited works from other artists.

The office is open plan and covers two floors (2nd and 3rd floor of our building), where the 2nd floor is mainly used as dining room, and for events and meetings.

We maintain a mobile workplace policy at the office, which means that we can sit and work anywhere on the two floors. This gives us options for both quiet and concentration as well as knowledge sharing, acceleration and meetings.

The doors are always open to interested parties that wants to learn more about Chora Connection’s values and principles.

You can view pictures of the office, to the right.

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