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Læs, hvad vores samarbejdspartnere og kunder tænker om Chora Connection.
I see Chora Connection as an organization that prioritizes action higher than endless discussions, and which manages to live up to that by building on all the good forces, which already existHelle Gudmansen
Head of Education and Youth Engagement
Save the Children
Chora’s value is the fact that they engage in something no one else has discovered or has the capacity to lead – they create possibilities for dialogues for broad and different expert creativityThomas Ravn-Pedersen
Worlds Best News
My experience is that Chora Connection favors action over endless reports. They don’t mind getting their hands dirty, and their real-life approach is truly refreshing.Kasper Koch
Head of International Development
Danish Red Cross
Chora Connection is an organization, that manages to embrace the whole sustainability agenda – in a holistic, impartial and explorative way. The organization is not bound by being either an NGO or a political party – and can as such investigate sustainability openly and organically. The 17 SDGs are examples of goals towards a broad understanding of sustainability, where interconnectivity and partnerships are fundamental factors. Chora Connection works from a similar platform and is therefore able – in a qualitative way – to explore the SDGs on their own premisesTina Unger
Program Leader, Food, Climate, Sustainability
Lejre Municipality
Chora Connection has, as far as I know, been the first to include the arts in the work with the 17 SDGs in relation to their initiative to interpret the 17 goals by 17 Danish designers and artists. The Foreign Ministry has been involved in the exhibition of the posters for examples in the UN headquarters in New York and Paris, where this also contributed to branding Denmark. In addition to this Chora Connection is supplementing with the development of a prototype for sustainability evaluation for decentralized authorities in Denmark – this is work at the government level.Maria Ana Petrea
Recently Danish Government Coordinator of the UN SDGs
Chora Connection has in its engagement with the education of refugees in economic, environmental, cultural and social sustainability been a prime engine in spreading qualitative, updated knowledge and practical experience in different elements of sustainability to many different places in the world. We (Red Cross) have refugees from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan as well as stateless people from Kuwait, who all have moved on from here with the knowledge and tools to effect a change in their local societies with sustainability at the core. The education, therefore, does not only impact the refugees who have been given permission to stay in Denmark, but it also impacts those who have to return to their homeland. The education of refugees has thus an impact nationally for those who stay as well as for those who leave.Lasse Gjøll Hansen
Adult education
Danish Red Cross
When reading the compendium it can no longer be disputed that the sustainability of wood can help curb CO2 emissions, nor can the importance that forestry has had for the wealth of our Nordic countries.Jonas Rönnberg
Ass. Professor and Vice-Dean
University of Agricultural Sciences, SE, Go2WOOD Compendium
Chora Connection contributes to sustainable development in many ways – first and foremost by actually – and by doing it in partnership with a whole number of people, who also are engaged in sustainability in some way. Chora Connection works with concrete solutions and initiatives, at the same time as working with partners to create new prototypes and projects – with businesses, organizations, and citizensTrine Plambech
Senior Green Urban Designer
The Alexandra Institute
Our vision is to create a new sustainable food system, generating added value for companies, society and the world at large. We will recreate the connection between town and country through food and the way we consume it, including cooks and kitchens, farmers and farming. We will connect people with nature, town with country, farmers with shopkeepers.Madfællesskabet's manifesto
In all matters, there is an outer dimension – one dealing with world and what happens in it, and then there is an inner dimension – one dealing with the individual’s own orientation systems, values, mental images, attitudes, expectations to the future, anxieties, fears, aspirationsSteen Hildebrandt
Chora Connection
Chora Connection has a unique ability to accelerate ideas into tangible prototypes and initiatives. And i believe that Chora could become an even stronger partner and acceleration hub if the focused more on measuring and communicating the impact of each project, both short term and long termAnne Yding Lind
Consultant at Dalberg Media
At Chora Connection, they are extremely good at speaking about sustainability and resilience in a language, which accommodates a wide range of different people and backgrounds – instead of turning it into a matter of either nerdy engineering or sheer hippie-like feeling good. Their inclusive processes encompass all kinds of people and meet all with same respectCarsten Ørting Andersen
Chairman of Greencare
Chora Connections approach resonates well with the way we created the “Camøno”, and their way of bringing people together has bridged some of the differences that could otherwise easily stand in the way for development in a small community like ours. The way that the world looks today, there is not only a space for players like Chora Connection but a real need for those who can create change by bringing people together, building bridges and facilitating dialogueJeanette Lopez-Zepeda
Head of Department
Museum Southern East Denmark


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